Publications 2014

Papers published by the BORDA Research Group:

  1. J. C. R. Alcantud. Finite sets of data compatible with multidimensional inequality measures. Information Sciences 265 (2014), 85-90.
  2. J. C. R. Alcantud and A. Laruelle. Dis&approval voting: a characterization. Social Choice and Welfare 43 (2014), 1-10.
  3. J. C. R. Alcantud and R. S. Dubey. Ordering infinite utility streams: efficiency, continuity, and no impatience. Mathematical Social Sciences 72 (2014), 33-40.
  4. D. Di Cagno, T. Neugebauer and C. R. Palmero, A. Sadrieh. Recall searching with and without recall. Theory and Decision 77 (3) (2014), 297-311.
  5. B. Erdamar, J. L. García-Lapresta, D. Pérez-Román and M. R. Sanver. Measuring consensus in a preference-approval context. Information Fusion 17 (2014), 14-21.
  6. E. Falcó, J. L. García-Lapresta and L. Roselló. Aggregating imprecise linguistic expressions. Human-Centric Decision-Making Models for Social Sciences (eds. P. Guo, W. Pedrycz). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 97-113, 2014.
  7. E. Falcó, J. L. García-Lapresta and L. Roselló. Allowing agents to be imprecise: A proposal using multiple linguistic terms. Information Sciences 258 (2014), 249-265.
  8. J. M. Gutiérrez. Preference intensity and cardinality. Top 22 (2014), 739-748.
  9. B. Llamazares. An application of binomial coefficients to Social Choice Theory. International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 90 (2014), 109-117.

  • New publication in Statistical Methods & Applications

    The paper «Clustering alternatives in preference‑approvals via novel pseudometrics«, by A. Albano,  J. L. García-Lapresta, A. Plaia, and M. Sciandra, has been accepted for publication in Statistical Methods & Applications.  The impact factor of this journal is 1.0 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2022).

  • New publication in Journal of Mathematical Economics

    The paper «Rationalization of indecisive choice behavior by pluralist ballots», by J. C. R. Alcantud, D. Cantone, A. Giarlotta, and S. Watson, has been accepted for publication in Journal of Mathematical Economics.

  • New publication in Granular Computing

    The paper «Multi-attribute group decision-making based on intuitionistic fuzzy aggregation operators defined by weighted geometric means«, by J. C. R. Alcantud, has been accepted for publication in Granular Computing.

  • New publication in Soft Computing

    The paper «Novel rough set models based on hesitant fuzzy information«, by J. C. R. Alcantud, F. Feng, S. Díaz-Vázquez, S. Montes, and S. Tomasiello, has been accepted for publication in Soft Computing.The impact factor of this journal is 3.732 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2022).

  • New publication in IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems

    The paper «Complemental fuzzy sets: A semantic justification of q-rung orthopair fuzzy sets», by J. C. R. Alcantud, has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems. The impact factor of this journal is 12.253 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2022).