Publications 2009

Papers published by the BORDA Research Group:

  1. J. C. R. Alcantud. Conditional ordering extensions. Economic Theory 39 (2009), 495-503.
  2. J. C. R. Alcantud and G. B. Mehta. Constructive utility functions on Banach spaces. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 350 (2009), 590-600.
  3. M. A. Ballester and J. L. García-Lapresta. A recursive group decision making procedure for choosing qualified individuals. International Journal of Intelligent Systems 24 (2009), 889-901.
  4. J. L García-Lapresta and M. Martínez-Panero. Linguistic-based voting through centered OWA operators. Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making 8 (2009), 381-393-
  5. J. L García-Lapresta, M. Martínez-Panero and L. C. Meneses. Defining the Borda count in a linguistic decision making context. Information Sciences 179 (2009), 2309-2316.
  6. J. L. García-Lapresta and L. C. Meneses. Modeling rationality in a linguistic framework. Fuzzy Sets and Systems 160 (2009), 3211-3223.
  7. J. M. Gutiérrez. A characterization of compactness through preferences. Mathematical Social Sciences 57 (2009), 131-133.
  8. B. Llamazares and T. Peña. Preference aggregation and DEA: An analysis of the methods proposed to discriminate efficient candidates. European Journal of Operational Research 197 (2009), 714-721.

  • Launching Thematic Network

    Dos de los componentes de la Unidad, José Luis García Lapresta y José Carlos Rodríguez Alcantud, forman parte de la Red Temática «Red Española de Elección Social«. Dirigida por el profesor Jordi Massó Carreras (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), ha sido reconocida por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad en las acciones de dinamización «Redes de […]

  • New publication in Applied Soft Computing

    As of today the paper «Hesitant Fuzzy Worth: an innovative ranking methodology for hesitant fuzzy subsets«, by Alcantud, de Andrés Calle and Muñoz Torrecillas, has been accepted for publication in Applied Soft Computing. The impact factor of this journal is 2.810, its 5-year impact factor is 3.222 (JCR 2014).

  • Special Session in CAEPIA’15

    Rocío de Andrés Calle and José Carlos R. Alcantud are the proud organizers of the Special Session «Toma de decisiones difusas o en ambientes de incertidumbre» at the V Simposio sobre Lógica Difusa y Soft Computing (LODISCO 2015). This Simposio is included in the XVI Edition of the Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial […]

  • Launching our webpage

    Our team has been appointed as Consolidated Research Unit by «Junta de Castilla y León» in August 2015. We now launch this webpage to give updated information about our latest activities.