Publications 2018

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  • New publication in Mathematics

    The paper «Two new families of supra-soft topological spaces defined by separation axioms», by T. Al-shami, J. C. R. Alcantud, and A. A. Azzam, has been accepted for publication in Mathematics.The impact factor of this journal is 2.592 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2021). This is an Open Access article.

  • New publication in AIMS Mathematics

    The paper «New generalization of fuzzy soft sets: (a,b)-Fuzzy soft sets», by T. Al-shami, J. C. R. Alcantud, and A. Mhemdi, has been accepted for publication in AIMS Mathematics.The impact factor of this journal is 2.739 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2021). This is an Open Access article.

  • New publication in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

    The paper «An integrated ELECTRE method for selection of rehabilitation center with m-polar fuzzy N-soft information», by and M. Akram, M. Sultan and J. C. R. Alcantud, has been accepted for publication in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. The impact factor of this journal is 7.011 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2022).


  • New publication in Information Sciences

    The paper «A three-way decision approach with prospect-regret theory via fuzzy set pair dominance degrees for incomplete information systems«, by J. Zhan, W. Wang,  J. C. R. Alcantud and J. Zhan, has been accepted for publication in Information Sciences.The impact factor of this journal is 8.233 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2022).

  • New publication in Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering

    The paper «Extended fuzzy N-soft PROMETHEE method and its application in robot butler selection», by M. Akram, M. Sultan, J. C. R. Alcantud and M. M. Ali Al-Shamiri, has been accepted for publication in Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering. The impact factor of this journal is 2.194 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2022).