Publications 2013

Papers published by the BORDA Research Group:

  1. J. C. R. Alcantud. Liberal approaches to ranking infinite utility streams: When can we avoid interference? Social Choice and Welfare 41 (2013), 381-396.
  2. J. C. R. Alcantud. The impossibility of social evaluations of infinite streams with strict inequality aversion. Economic Theory Bulletin 1 (20013), 123-130.
  3. J. C. R. Alcantud, R. de Andrés and J. M. Cascón. On measures of cohesiveness under dichotomous opinions: some characterizations of Approval Consensus Measures. Information Sciences 240 (2013), 45-55.
  4. J. C. R. Alcantud, R. de Andrés and J. M. Cascón. A unifying model to measure consensus solutions in a society. Mathematical and Computer Modelling 57 (2013), 1876-1883.
  5. J. C. R. Alcantud, R. de Andrés and J. M. Cascón. Consensus and the act of voting. Studies in Microeconomics 1 (2013), 1-22.
  6. J. C. R. Alcantud, M. D. García-Sanz. Evaluations of infinite utility streams: Pareto-efficient and egalitarian axiomatics. Metroeconomica 64 (2013), 432-447.
  7. O. Aristondo,  J. L. García-Lapresta, C. Lasso de la Vega and R. A. Marques Pereira. Classical inequality indices, welfare and illfare functions, and the dual decomposition. Fuzzy Sets and Systems228 (2013), 114-136.
  8. J. L. García-Lapresta. Reciprocal and linguistic preferences.  In On Fuzziness. A Homage to Lotfi A. Zadeh, vol. 1 (eds. R. Seising, E. Trillas, C. Moraga, S. Termini). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 193-197, 2013.
  9. P. J. Gutiérrez, C. R. Palmero. A note on the real effects of monetary shocks: a limited participation modelMacroeconomic Dynamics 17 (2013), 936-946.
  10. B. Llamazares. An analysis of some functions that generalizes weighted means and OWA operators. International Journal of Intelligent Systems 28 (2013), 380-393.
  11. B. Llamazares. On the structure of voting systems between two alternatives. Review of Economic Design 17 (2013), 239-248.
  12. B. Llamazares, T. Peña. Aggregating preferences rankings with variable weights. European Journal of Operational Research 230 (2013), 348-355.
  13. B. Llamazares, P. Pérez-Asurmendi and J. L. García-Lapresta. Collective transitivity in majorities based on difference in support. Fuzzy Sets and Systems 216 (2013), 3-15.



  • New publication in Neural Computing and Applications

    The paper «A new outranking method for multicriteria decision making with complex Pythagorean fuzzy information», by M. Akram, K. Zahid and J. C. R. Alcantud, has been accepted for publication in Neural Computing and Applications. The impact factor of this journal is 5.606 (JCR 2020).

    Neural Computing and Applications

  • New publication in Artificial Intelligence Review

    The paper “Group decision-making with Fermatean fuzzy soft expert knowledge», by M. Akram, G. Ali, J. C. R. Alcantud and A. Riaz, has been accepted for publication in Artificial Intelligence Review. The impact factor of this journal is 8.139 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2021).

  • Press reports – Influential researchers

    Influential researchers – Press reports On December 8th, 2021, the local media published news concerning the updated database of a study conducted by Ioannidis et al. at Stanford University. The dossier (updated August 2021) includes José Carlos R. Alcantud among the top 2% of scientists of their main subfield discipline.

  • New publication in Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing

    The paper «Complex Fermatean fuzzy N-soft sets: A new hybrid model with applications«, by M. Akram, U. Amjad, J. C. R. Alcantud and G. Santos-García, has been accepted for publication in Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing. The impact factor of this journal is 7.104 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2021).

  • New publication in International Journal of Fuzzy Systems

    The paper «The relationship between fuzzy soft and soft topologies»,  J. C. R. Alcantud, has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Fuzzy Systems. The impact factor of this journal is 4.673 (Clarivate Analytics JCR, 2021).